The Premier Issue of Caribia Digest Magazine – Winter 1993


Cricket On the Corner
-St. Croix’ s favorite radio commentator, Leroy Henley (by Judi Shimel)

V.I. Visual Arts in Motion
-Marketing the Arts in Paradise (by Lisa Gaye Hall)

Taylor Made
-Louis Taylor — Caribbean Jazzman (by Bob Wilmer)

The Very Mighty Pat
-A Cruzan Calypsonian talks about his craft (by Judi Shimel)

Roots of our Roots
-Glen “Kwabena” Davis on Caribbean musical heritage

A Musical Melange
-A visit to the T&T Pan Jazz Festival (by June Archibald)

Augmented 7ths
-Editorial (by Bob Wilmer)

Good Yam – Set Adrift on Dining Bliss
-Eat your way through a charter yacht cruise (by Jan Robinson)

-V.I. Mass Choir (by Desiree Gumbs)

Caribia Trivia
-The Drums of Le Cap (by Joss Longdale)

Reggae Corner
-Meet a Hot New Canadian — Lazo (by Anita Davis

The (Band) Doctor is In
-Calvin “Bones” Jones (by Anita Davis)

David’s Odyssey
-David Edgecombe, New Reichhold Center Director (by Anita Davis)

… and more!

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