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Caribia Digest is Caribbean entertainment, arts, lifestyles and technology. The first print issue in the Winter of 1993 covered:

Dominica songstress Ophelia, Haitian oral traditions, the Virgin Islands Carnival, broadcasting great/empresario Andrew ‘Funkyman’ Shachove, playwright and Reichhold Center Director David Edgecombe, Virgin Islands and international Calypso King Samuel ‘Mighty Pat’ Ferdinand, Trinidad and Tobago’s Jazz and Gospel pan, and British Virgin Islands’ own ‘Mighty Zed’, ZBVI.

Caribia Digest published its second and final issue that summer.

The Editor reserves the right to publish or not publish submitted materials; however, they may be modified for content, presentation, and length.

The history of Caribia Digest

The magazine started in the early 1990’s. The Publisher, the late Rudolph “Rudy” Parker and his wife Merle Shaw Parker conceived Caribia Digest as a “Caribbean Billboard”. He subsequently shared his vision over morning coffees with Rotarian and WSTA sports personality the late Robert Leon “Bob” Wilmer. Soon, Wilmer accepted the position of Editor-in-Chief and Director of Sales and Marketing. The gentlemen then invited Anita Davis to be the Managing Music Editor. The logo design elements (“Caribia Splash” and “Caribia Pan Man”) were soon created by Karen Shepherd Mozzo.

The magazine only saw 2 issues, but eventually Davis decided to continue on the Internet. Being new to HTML coding, she searched for a way to build the site. As time went by she found OnePaper.

Caribia Digest first appeared online via in the year 2000. Eventually, the domain went independent in 2004. Articles published over time (2004-2010) included information on film festivals, theater, web designers, and literature. Over time, lasting relationships developed, especially as authors shared their lives and professions. is now powered by WordPress, hosted at GoDaddy.

While Caribia Digest covers music and the arts, Caribbean entertainment is just the beginning! Mainly, Caribia Digest seeks the unique, undiscovered Caribbean side by side with the technologies that allow the islands to touch the world.  Dive into the wonderful online world that can only be called… CARIBIA!

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