U.S. Virgin Islander Dr. L.A. Davis shares doctoral quest with honest precision

People who write books are special all on their own. Their passion to share often leads them down unanticipated paths; their focused desire is on creating an evocative, informative work. To write a book about a mission that turns out to be literally as difficult as writing a book… well, that is fortitude squared. Such is “So, You Want to be a Doctoral Learner Huh? Are you Nuts?!: A short story of my difficult journey as an online doctoral learner, and some tips to help you succeed” by Dr. L.A. Davis.

The meander in the title alone sets the pace for what’s within the pages of this book, which is at times hilarious, thoughtful, and introspective, with dashes of white-hot rage. You read right. Davis emerged victorious, but not without cost. Those of us who know people striving for doctoral degrees have heard stories, but I now know, we are only getting them in parts.

With unrelenting wit and wisdom, Davis seems to laser-beam her thoughts directly to the page without filter. She lays out with such amazing clarity all of the elements that led to both disasters and surprising beacons of light along her way; you find yourself rooting for her to do what seems impossible.

Dr. Davis, in her need to help others avoid the many pitfalls of doctoral preparation and study, has actually provided a series of guideposts for anyone who is faced with what appears to be a difficult target – or one that turns around and bites once the initial allure has faded.

This book is for you, whether you have walked ivied halls or not, because it is about life and all of the things we must be in order to accomplish the things that mean the most to us. This book will help you to examine your motivations and decide to raise your periscope when you are under water, for help is always surprisingly near. Sometimes the help is to simply be still.

This book will help you to realize that the best things in life – love, peace, giving back – are stars that are always within our reach, no matter where we are in comparison to others.

Just read the damn book. I’m done.

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