The Caribbean Council of Prince George’s County joins voices to make a difference

Decades of life in Prince George’s County (in the state of Maryland, U.S.A.) inspired a commitment in Donald Bridgeman to unify the several voices of a variety of Caribbean island organizations to the power of one. Following a gathering of like minds in 1989, he was able to set into motion the discussions and meeting that led to the April 1990 incorporation of The Caribbean Council of Prince George’s County (CCPGC).

In addition to moral support and sharing commonalities and diversities of culture, the organization could raise issues of unique concern in public forums and to policy makers. Membership at first included individuals from Panama, Dominica, Guyana, Grenada and Jamaica and now spans the Caribbean Diaspora.

CCPGC has been able to realize many initiatives of social, educational and cultural import, including Caribbean-focused debates, the Student Festival at the Prince George’s Community College, the Caribbean Community Ball, and the annual Caribbean Heritage Festival.

For more information on CCPGC, visit their web site (, call (301) 322-7497 or email