Note:  The social network is no longer active due to lack of support. However, the developer continues to create and serve the digital and business communities. IslandHive Music remains online (free to join).

The going thought is that there are no “king” bees, at least not for very long.  In the bee world a male is a drone, and a drone is a drone until he takes a queen… and then he is no more.

But what of a human male who tires of being a drone and seeks to build his very own hive? He becomes a King Bee, a creator, developer and CEO. Chris Carter, the designer of his own social network,, found his voice in code at the age of 15. Then, he wrote a basic web page using HTML in a text editor.

With his appetite thoroughly whetted he turned to the Internet to train himself. Undeterred by those who saw his dreams as impossible, he sought advice from IT Pros around the world. Eventually, he landed a part-time position with a startup where he was able to immerse himself in development and move on to providing services for a U.S.-based corporation.

From this assignment, Carter pursued further work; when it was slow in coming, he decided to generate his own opportunity, starting his own business. Within the company he devised, he is able to offer a diverse palette of services, including calendar, logo and business card design, 2D and 3D graphic design, car design, web and app development and even music jingles.

Today, Carter would like to see more foundational support for island-based technology professionals, including access to financing, business-friendly public policy, state of the art infrastructure, and a more encouraging environment.

Projects like Chris Carter’s IslandHive represent the new and insistent vibration emanating from the islands – join the network and increase the “buzz”!