The Caribbean region to the world! The Caribbean region has always provided the world with amazing intellectual, political, artistic and economic contributions through its people. Technology, collectively as the World Wide Web, the proliferation of smartphones and other hand-held devices, and the introduction of high-speed Internet, has created a springboard from which more islanders bound almost effortlessly into the stratosphere.

There is no longer any need to move to any other part of the world, become part of a homogenized blend, or integrate into any semblance of conventionalism to pursue a passion or make a significant impact.

This pure and unadulterated culture splash lifts the veil off of previously “hidden figures” – people whose origins had remained obscure in order to allow them to slip into the mainstream. Access to technology allows the authentic native-born Caribbean islander to stride forward and be accepted on level ground.

It is with pride that writes its love letters to the beauty of this significant branch of the African Diaspora.