Rock City Pays Dues, Builds Cred

July 20, 2008: Who doesn’t love a success story? Especially one in which a strong work ethic, serendipity, and raw talent combine to play key roles. Oh, we may find pop tarts interesting, but the celebrities we truly love, have something else going for them besides looks and luck. How about two preadolescent boys whose dad stayed behind them to practice perfectly and be ready for anything, a drive to make something happen and someone to finally see the spark and fan it to full flame?

Da Spokesman & Don’t Talk. Theron & Timothy. 2-EKWHIP. Yes, from St. Thomas, also known as “Rock City” from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Writing for the likes of Akon and the Pussycat Dolls and performing their own special brand of HipHop while becoming the subjets du jour for all kinds of media. Oh, they’re eye candy all right. But they’ve got the brains to back it all up. There are so many youngsters in the entertainment industry (or trying to get in), who are motivated by the end result but unaware of all it may take to achieve it. Many also do not realize that for every “star”, there are several folks like writers, producers, musicians, agents and more, doing satisfying work and securing the financials.

The best of both worlds is to become both creative and star. Rock City enjoys the combo, so that we can enjoy them.

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