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Trinidad and Tobago: Each year, the Nominees and Sponsors for the annual Cacique Awards are announced in the following categories:

Most Outstanding Set Design
Most Outstanding Lighting Design
Most Outstanding Sound Design
Most Outstanding Costume Design
Most Oustanding Original Music
Most Outstanding Musical Director
Most Outstanding Original Script
Most Oustanding Supporting Actress
Most Oustanding Supporting Actor
Most Oustanding Actress
Most Oustanding Actor
Most Oustanding Director
Most Oustanding Dramatic Production
Most Oustanding Comedic Production
Most Oustanding Production

THE NDATT CARIBBEAN AWARD – This is given to groups or individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the development, integration and exploration of theatre in the region.

THE NDATT VANGUARD AWARD – This award is voted on by the Executive Members of the NDATT and the Cacique Committee, and is given to persons and individuals whose work has, and continues to, affect the landscape of national theatre. It is awarded to pioneers whose belief in the medium, and whose contribution to its development, continues to blaze a trail along which the theatre of Trinidad and Tobago progresses.

THE NDATT LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – This award is given to individuals for exceptionally distinguished careers in, and outstanding service to, the theatre in Trinidad and Tobago. This award is also voted on by the NDATT Executive and the Cacique Committee.

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