Mushiya’s Corner: February 2007 – Review – The Wailer’s in Concert Dallas – Friday February 9 – Gypsy Tea Room

courtesy of Mushiya

Sunday, February 11, 2007 5:24 PM
Greetings in the Name of the Most High – JAH!

It takes alot for me to get out of my nice warm comfortable house on a severely cold Friday Night in Dallas,Texas to attend any concert.

It certainly had to be an extra special event for me to get bundled up and brave the freezing cold in order to attend a concert. That special something that motivated me, came in the way of the ever soulful Jamaican Reggae Artist “Yvad”.

This is how it all started: I was notified by Grasshopper of Inner Visions Reggae Band on Wednesday night that the Wailers would be performing in Dallas on Friday night, that in itself wasn’t enough motivation for me to brave the cold. What did motivate me was the fact that Grasshopper informed me that “Yvad” would be performing with the Wailers, one phone call later to Patrick – Ruff Stuff Records (Yvad’s management team in New York ) confirmed that “Yvad” would be in fact performing with the Wailers. It’s important to note that I’ve been a fan of Yvad’s from every since. From the time I saw him in New York City many years back performing on the same Venue with Ziggy Marley and the entire Marley family, It’s safe to say I was enticed to bundle up, brave the cold weather and get on downtown to the Gypsy tea room, to support Yvad’s performance.

The KNON 89.3 Irie FM Dallas Reggae Radio personalities in attendance was: The Trini man – DJ Mike D Magician Monday nights International Dance Party, DJ Jah Larry and Empress Kenjah representing the Tuesday night’s, Rebel Reggae International, Myself (Queen Mushiya) representing Ima Uwagbai’s African Forum Wednesday nights. DJ Everton of Friday Nights – The Caribbean Show, was unable to attend due to his show being on air the same night as the concert (otherwise without a doubt Everton would have been in attendance) Also in attendance was Houston’s own Reggae Artist – Alaafia Ifalade (Gaidi) D.R.U.M. – Alaafia attendance was a pleasant surprise as it has been years since I’ve seen him.

The Wailers along with Yvad: The Gypsy Tea Room Dallas Deep Elum is one of those old classic dance halls, a very nice venue to hold a live concert here in Dallas, it’s unfortunate that they will be closing their doors in another couple months.

In any event on this very cold Friday night in Dallas, February 9, 2007 the Gypsy Tea Room hosted a live performance by The Wailers which included Yvad in lead vocals. There were approximately 650 to 700 people in attendance with maybe 600 people smoking cigarettes; needless to say, the ceiling held a cloud of cigarette smoke that was unbelievable and a tad bit uncomfortable for a non-smoker (smile). But, who can complain, the audience was a good number for such an important concert right!

My main interest in attending was to see for myself what the combination of Yvad’s soulful voice coupled with the naturally wicked sounds of the Wailers would be like. However, I was a bit disappointed as my curious appetite was not wet, for the fact that Yvad’s voice was drowned out almost entirely by the Bass (vibrating to the extreme from the sound system). The rest of the Band was overpowering him all night; that’s a shame given that the type of voice “Yvad” has, his vocals needs to be above the music, he needs room for his vocals to come through and that really did not happen. In addition, the mike that he was using was really not a lead mike and was really weak. Notwithstanding, when “Yvad” took the stage alone and sung, “Redemption song”, the entire night was made worth my time. Yvad rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” was extraordinary moving. I am convinced that if Bob was alive and heard Yvad sing this song he would have been proud. This song was obvious the break out song for the night as the crowd joined in and sung right along with him.

I was looking forward to hearing Yvad sing some of his own material from his CD “Justice” especially the most powerful cut on the CD the rendition of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” unfortunately that also did not happen. I am very happy though that the crowd was able to witness the real Yvad with the Redemption Song. This afforded them to see the Yvad we have all come to know and love, he sings with great depth and feelings straight from the heart.

I did inquire to some of the DJ’s in the audience as why they thought Yvad did not sing any of his material. I was told that The Wailers was Bob Marley’s backing band and that this was a Wailer’s concert, so the material would have to be all Old Classics of Bob Marley and The Wailers. Also, they thought maybe this was because this month is the Anniversary of Bob’s birth and maybe this concert series is to celebrate that event.

OK, so I will have to buy that explanation for right now. But, I have to say this to the Wailers who themselves are a very powerful band, it does not take away from who you are guys to break out a bit. You have a very Powerful Singer/Writer in your mist “Yvad”. It would be to your benefit to utilize that talent and not deprive this sensational artist oxygen (in a singing sense) and keep it from breathing, allow that positive energy to shine through,the benefits derived from this union would certainly be bountiful!

Moving on: Al Anderson – one of the Original Wailers – Meet and Greet the Fans: This is always an important factor for me; respecting the fans. The fans is a very essential ingredient to all entertainers, without your fans there would be no performing you. So, it was a wonderful treat to see one of the original Wailers – Al Anderson, come out and meet and greet his fan base and take pictures. Al confided in me that he was bone tired as they had just performed in Houston the night before and would just love to go back to the hotel and ly down. Yet, he still took this precious time to meet and greet the Wailers fan. The appreciation of the fans were evident, especially from an excited female fan who kept hugging AL. Al Anderson has the patience of JOB! Special big ups! to Al Anderson.

Now, even though I attended this concert solely to see Yvad perform, because of the genuineness of Al Anderson I would definitely attend a Wailers Concert again, just because who Al Anderson is; a Wailers Class Act.

From the words of Reggae Legend – Winston Francis “Love Is A Treasure, it should always belong to me and you”. Support Reggae Music Worldwide!!! – Forward on with Love, Peace and Unity! – Queen Mushiya

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