The Insomnia Radio Network

Official Release

(Pismo Beach, California – January 2007): Insomnia Radio, a worldwide podcast and distribution network with a focus on independent and unsigned music, has joined forces today with legendary producer and musician Mikey Dread to bring free, original reggae-driven programming to the world.

Mikey Dread has a deep and productive history in the music industry, known for producing the first dedicated reggae show, “Dread At The Controls,” for Jamaican Radio in 1977. He also produced The Clash’s breakout hit “Bankrobber” as well as working with and performing on several Clash tracks in 1980-1981.

Since then, Dread has nurtured his own successful record label, appeared live next to Bob Dylan and Carlos Santana, produced dozens of successful albums for high profile musicians, and worked for several TV networks and radio shows across the globe. More recently, he was a featured artist alongside Seal for the song “Lips Like Sugar,” which appears on the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore film “50 First Dates.”

While podcasting is still relatively new, Mr. Dread is optimistic about this exploding medium: “This is a great opportunity for me to introduce the real and authentic reggae sounds on a global level from a Jamaican point of view. Being a pioneer in Reggae broadcasting I can authenticate the time line of reggae development and identify the actual “who is who” in reggae as I am a part of this development.”

Insomnia Radio is also thrilled: “For two years we’ve primarily featured indie rock, and have wanted to expand into other genres of music. Reggae certainly deserves its own spotlight, and having Mikey onboard is a dream come true. His passion and experience is unparalleled, and we can’t wait to get started!”

Insomnia Radio sprung from host Jason Evangelho’s desire to highlight music that simply wasn’t being heard, typically by unsigned and independent musicians. Since October 2004 Insomnia Radio has grown from 10 listeners to over 50,000 per month in 60 countries, and expanded from a single show into several regional-specific shows.

Insomnia Radio Presents: Dread at the Controls launches worldwide January 2007.

For more information, contact:
Jason Evangelho, Production Manager