Mikey is Keeping it Real through Europe, US, Canada and Jamaica

Official release

August-September 2006 – Dallas, TX: Internationally Re-known Reggae Legend, Mikey Dread recently returned from Europe – Belgium performing at the Reggae Geel Festival and also headlined the Festival de Roots in Switzerland on Sunday August 13, 2006. Onward to Switzerland to the California shores and back to the Studios of Anchor and Tuff Gong in Kingston, Jamaica.

Mikey has returned to the U.S. on August 18th and is available for Interviews for all media: regarding upcoming tour plans and upfront and personal information regarding the highly anticipated soon to be released all reggae star cast– “Backstage Pass” CD – September 2006. With the First single being released in Jamaica.

Mikey Dread has lots in store for his fans all over the world

Upon his return to the U.S. in August; he headed out to perform on the West Coast ; California From August 31 thru September 10: backed by The Dread At The Controls Band; the same magnificent band that toured with him in the UK and Poland back in June 2006; this band is more than a compliment to the already Mystic vibes of the Dread “ Mikey Dread”, they are receiving rave reviews, from all spectrums of the music world, not just the Reggae vibes! – Mikey Dread has always been an energetic and illustrious performer, he has not slacked in the many years he’s been out there, his performance just keeps getting better and better and it’s apparent with the new generations of fans that are flocking to see Mikey perform Live.

Speaking of New Fans: Recently, I received a phone call from California (a policeman), yes a policeman! Greg, who was in a Salinas Calif., Record store browsing and was surprised to see a variety of Mikey Dread’s CD’s prominently displayed in the front of the store, he inquired to the Clerk about Mikey and why so prominently displayed, and the Clerk advised him that for that area of California, Mikey Dread is to Reggae as what Elvis is to Rock, a superstar.. Needless to say; he was so excited he let the Clerk know that he knew someone, who knew Mikey Dread personally; with the excitement still at fever pitched levels he decided to phone me up immediately to let me know what transpired! Fan excitement always makes me happy. I know Mikey works very, very, very, HARD for his fans and is deserving of this type of admiration. Humble soul that he is. I’m just happy I can work for someone like Mikey Dread, someone whom I believe in and who takes the time, to let his fans know, he genuinely CARES!!!

Special Update on the Mikey Dread work in progress “Backstage Pass” CD:

Mikey says: “My new album is both a celebration of my father’s 100 birthday (March 1906) and my return to the Jamaican recording studios and reggae scene bringing back the real original authenticity of reggae. The live style. The album was all recorded the same way I used to record in the 70s, no drum machine; just the real musicians capturing the original sounds that is lacking in today’s reggae. This is what I am trying to preserve- live musicians playing, adding their vibes and energy to the compositions. Recording reggae using drum machine and keyboards alone is popular now and cheaper to make. You only have 2 people to pay. Recording the way I did, it means you spend 12 times the amount of money; but the music sounds much better using drum, bass, 2 guitars, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals and REAL horns, than just faking the horns using keyboard sounds. One thing I can assure my fans; everything is real. I have used at least 12 musicians per track on my recordings and if you multiply that by say 14 tracks you know this is costing a lot but that is my style and the motto of my company- “Dread At The Controls” making quality reggae music from the source- Jamaica” We have also mixed a crucial Dub Album from this session, which will surface later in 2007″.

As you can see from Mikey’s own words, the Rasta remains in Control, focused and dedicated to bring you the BEST Reggae Musical Experience imaginable. He is also working diligently with doing the final mixes and design for the CD; “Backstage Pass” working with his graphic artist, based in Germany on the final design.

The CD features the TOP recording musicians in the history of reggae music. One song was recorded with his band in Poland. Some songs were cut in California with the Soul Syndicate band along with the world famous musical engineer known as The “Scientist”; the majority of the songs on the CD being recorded at the Tuff Gong and Anchor recording studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

The CD was mixed entirely at Tuff Gong Studios, Jamaica and features new Mikey Dread tracks with horns and backing vocals plus an ALL Star array of the TOP Reggae musicians: Sly Dunbar on drums, Flabba Holt of Bass, Larry Profesor (from Bunny Wailer Band) on Bass, Glen Browne( from Ziggy Marley band) on Bass. Keyboard players – Obeah, Franklyn Waul, Toney Asher, Robbie Lynn. Guitars : Dalton Browne, Lenford Richards, Gibby. Percussionists like Sticky Thompson, Bongo Herman, Sky Juice plus on horns Dizzy, Deadly Headly, Andrew Stoch ( from my band) The Gayle brothers: Everton and Everald Gayle (one plays with Lloyd Parkes band one plays with Bunny Wailers band)

More CD release info to come so stay tuned to: http://www.mikeydread.com


Mikey is pumped up and ready to get back to the California Reggae tour circuit for a brief tour, performing live commencing in Alameda, CA. August 31st. Mikey’s Message for his California fans; he says: “Seeing that I have not played the West Coast since like last year I look forward to these shows with great anticipation”.

AUGUST 2006:
– Sunday, August 13, 2006 – Mikey Dread @ The Festival Val-de-Roots in Switzerland – www.valderoots.ch
– Alameda California: Thursday August 31, 2006 (TBA) – Check official website of Mikey Dread for place and date after 8/11/2006.

– Friday, September 01, 2006 – The Sweetwater Saloon – 153 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley – California – www.sweetwatersaloon.com
– Saturday, September 02, 2006 – Caspar Inn – 14957 Caspar Rd, Caspar – www.casparinn.com
– Wednesday, September 06, 2006 – The Dub Club – The Echo – 1822 W. Sunset Boulevard – Los Angeles – Info: (213) 413-8200
– Thursday, September 07, 2006 – World Beat Center – 2100 Park Boulevard – San Diego – Info: (619) 230-1190 – http://www.worldbeatcenter.org
– Friday, September 08, 2006 – Mikey Dread @ The Belly Up – 143 S. Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, California – www.bellyup.com
– Saturday, September 09, 2006 – Mikey Dread @ The Catalyst Nightclub – 1011 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, CA – www.catalystclub.com

CANADA: – Saturday, September 16, 2006 – The West End Cultural Center presents Mikey Dread @ The Winnipeg Ska Reggae Fest – Info Line: 204.783.6918

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