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Truly Caribbean Woman: When Nerissa Golden, a St. Kitts businesswoman, began to search the web for advice to share with her peers, she was stunned at the dearth of sites for Caribbean businesswomen. Doing business in the Caribbean has its own share of challenges, not the least of which is the distance factor. The common thread of womanhood binds female businesswomen internationally, and this is the stable foundation upon which Golden has built Truly Caribbean Woman. The site is currently in its development stages, but there’s already plenty to share, including tips on working motherhood and self-motivation. In the future, we plan to let you know more about Nerissa, this TC (Truly Caribbean) Woman…

On that note, applauds those who create places that encourage growth, either personal or otherwise. As a medium, the internet has the potential to entertain, to shock, or to urge. Money, and time, even lives can be saved, when people share their experiences via the world wide web. As this new year begins, you’ve had enough time to get back to your regular routine and start thinking about what you will do this year to challenge yourself, renew your life, or to serve. Why not ‘serve’ web pages? It costs little or nothing to create a space that helps others to come together. You do not have to interview for this ‘job’; all you need is heart and a willingness to come forward with a :-).

I have adopted a little saying that some of you may have seen on my personal correspondence: “The Internet: Where the World is Wild – Throw Ya House Up!” We congratulate Nerissa and people like her who do not feel excluded but go on ahead and include themselves in this bright new medium. Is it time for you to expand your sphere of influence? Around the world is an awful long stretch, but your loving arms can make it.