Bon Vivant Island Club brings the V.I. to the U.S.A.

Daytona Beach, Florida – April 21, 2006: Whether you are born in or transplanted to the United States Virgin Islands, it’s often difficult to leave. Many move away to pursue better opportunities, health care, schooling or more modern conveniences. The majority of those who move, take with them special memories and wistful dreams of reuniting with the friends that they have made while enjoying the relatively clean, natural environs of “America’s Paradise”. The Bon Vivant Island Club will sweep you up in their very first gathering on June 10, 2006 from 5pm to midnight, at the Surfside Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida with their “Jump Up Good Time Party”.

While the debate continues on whom to actually call a “Virgin Islander”, the natives who move away are called “salt – water yankees”; the writer refers to transplants who later return to the states as “tap – water yankees”! For the sake of this article, let’s make the term “Virgin Islander” inclusive.

Many associations and groups are formed stateside to bring Virgin Islanders together, and one such group is the Bon Vivant Island Club based in Cross Hill, South Carolina. Gloria Bryan (nee Feinauer), was a founder of the Florida French Connection Club, which she continues to support via linkage and camaraderie. All activities center around what Mrs. Bryan calls the “Four F’s”: Friends, Family, Food, and Fun.

Coming up is the organization’s first event, the Bon Vivant “Jump up Good Time Party”, June 10, 2006 from 5pm to midnight at Surfside Hotel of Daytona Beach Shores, 3209 S. Atlantic Avenue. Virgin Islanders from all over (even the Virgin Islands, for sure!) are invited. The club’s web site features links to the banquet registration form and signup for the Bon Vivant Island Club newsletter. This is all contained on the “News” page.

The web site also features plenty to make it worthy of a bookmark, including recipes, meeting minutes and membership application on its “Essentials” page, a “Calendar” page, and an opportunity to meet the officers on the “Officers” page. There is lots more, including a “Treasures” page filled with links to photos taken by members.

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