WRFG, Radio Free Georgia: a true “People’s Station”!

Atlanta, GA – April 13, 2006: In Atlanta (known affectionately as ‘the ATL’), radio stations are as plentiful as roads marked “Peachtree”. One outlet stands out as a true “People’s Station”: WRFG, Radio Free Georgia. Broadcasting at 100,000 watts on the FM frequency at 89.3, WRFG is heard 24 hours a day. The station was founded with the intent of providing a voice for the under-represented. Issues affecting the disabled, people of color, women and persons who enjoy alternative lifestyles bubble up from the roots of the communities served by Radio Free Georgia.

The music is just as diverse, spanning genres from Bluegrass to Soca. From Jamaica, West Indies to Dublin, Ireland, WRFG has taken to the road in support of more than one international celebration over the years. Entertainment is just one facet of WRFG’s service to the community, as the station has taken the lead in documentary production (garnering national recognition in the process) and tackling sensitive topics that affect the daily lives of their listeners.

Of particular note is the “World Party” program, heard Monday-Friday from 1pm to 4pm, featuring news, discussion and information (including exclusive interviews) affecting the Caribbean, African and Latin American people of Atlanta. Hosts rotate for this programming, and include ‘Big Dee’, ‘Tenisio’, and ‘Skywalker’. “Rockers”, heard on Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm, showcases the music and news of the Caribbean region. Hosts Lisimba & Paul Abrahams seek to recognize the legacy behind the popular rhythms of today.

“Serenata Latina” is heard on Saturdays from 6pm to 9pm, with various facets of the Latin music scene: Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa and more. View the complete schedule for more WRFG programming at http://wrfg.org/schedule.asp.

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Official web site: http://wrfg.org/
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