V.I. Politics take it on the chin @ VIPolitics.com

Note: Of the 3 web sites mentioned, only Crucian Chronicles remains online…

April 13, 2006: The most exciting thing about living in the U.S. Virgin Islands is not the sun, not the sea, not the sand. It’s the blog. Virgin Islanders are leaping into the blogosphere with an absolute disregard for authority, decency and that other thing… decorum – oh, joy! For a refresher, check out Nostaljack.net and CrucianChronicles. CaribiaDigest.com’s latest discovery is VIPolitics.com, and not a minute too soon! Ali Maduro is sharp-witted, opinionated and apparently, he loves a good laugh. His take on the most recent set-to in the U.S.V.I. Legislature over the nomination of Julio Brady to the Superior Court is fearlessly honest.

For those who only visit the United States Virgin Islands to slip into its silky waters, drop crazy money on bling, and luxuriate in tropical splendour, here’s a tip: living here is a you-know-what sometimes! As in most places, we have to deal with corruption, lack of transparency, nepotism and cronyism. However, to point it out will most likely mean your censure by those who enjoy the status quo – that’s right, your bid for the big government contract may not be approved, your niece may not receive the summer internship, you may be threatened with losing your job. Sorry to shatter any illusion, but human beings can be prone to fits of power madness, no matter where they live. Which is why it is so important that the people’s freedom to speak out and to note that the emperor is as nekkid as the day is long is so crucial.

For a long time, the U.S. Virgin Islands have been held hostage, and the bloggers are about to assist in a daring rescue. Log on and stand up for free speech: VIPolitics.com deserves your click-through and your bookmark. NOTE: Blogs are not for young children, as they tend to be undiluted, so please review any blog before allowing children to explore!