Miss Georgia Caribbean 2006

February 20, 2006 – Atlanta, GA: Established in 2003, the Miss Georgia Caribbean Pageant is pleased to announce the call for contestants for the 2006 Miss Georgia Caribbean competition. Contestants will join 2005 Queen Francesca Jeter (Haiti) in the adventure of self-actualization and scholarship.

Participants (18-25, never married, having never bourne children) are being sought who hail from or are descendants of nationals from any one of the 34 Caribbean islands. According to Pageant Director Ms. Sophia O’Brien, the competition is slated to take place in July 2006, featuring island wear, swim wear and talent segments. Current Queen Francesca Jeter represented Haiti in the 2005 contest. “Entering and winning this pageant has been one of the most exciting events in my life,” she states. “Being a spokesperson for the Caribbean community has been a pleasure and honor.”

The Miss Georgia Caribbean Pageant is sanctioned by and abides by the rules and regulations set forth by the Events, Pageants and Individual Contestants (EPIC) International Association. EPIC, with its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, is established as the oldest association of its kind in the world. Since 1986, EPIC has upheld high ethical standards while contributing to a greater personal growth experience for contestants. In addition to the interpersonal and individual realms, EPIC also focuses on the logistics of creating and maintaining a successful competition and protecting the integrity of organizations with liability insurance, networking assistance and quality certification.

Prize packages for Miss Georgia Caribbean 2006 are impressive: The winner will receive gifts and considerations valued over $5,000, including a $1,000 scholarship, crown, sash, scepter, a travel package (including airfare and lodgings) and more. In addition, numerous high profile activities will expose the winner to the Georgia/Caribbean community with articles in numerous magazines, representing the region at various events including state and Caribbean, and visits with the Governor, Mayor of Atlanta and CEO of DeKalb County and numerous other personal appearances.

Pictured: 2005 Miss Georgia Caribbean Queen Francesca Jeter hails from Haiti

The First Runner Up will receive a prize package valued over $3,000, including a $500 scholarship, sash, trophy, an airline ticket, and exposure to the Georgia/Caribbean community and other prizes.
The Second Runner Up is entitled to a prize package valued over $1,500, including a $250 scholarship, sash, trophy, hotel accommodation, and exposure to the Georgia/Caribbean community and other prizes.

Third and Fourth Runners Up will each receive prize packages valued over $500, including $100 scholarships, trophies and similar opportunities for appearances within the Georgia/Caribbean community and other prizes.

Potential contestants should visit the official web site of the Miss Georgia Caribbean Pageant and download applications, criteria, and registration forms. The application deadline is March 31, 2006.

Contact information:

Snail Mail: P.O. Box 1152, Smyrna, GA 30081
E-Email: director@missgeorgiacaribbean.com
Phone: 770-435-7943
Fax: 770-436-5975

Official web site: http://www.missgeorgiacaribbean.com