Crucian Chronicles a Must-Read!

February 20, 2006: There’s so much on the web nowadays that it’s easy for quality content to get lost in the haystack of pages heaped throughout the ether. To add a bookmark to a site these days signals serious interest in keeping up; experienced surfers don’t clutter up their faves files. While casually trolling Google for V.I. views, I came across “The Crucian Chronicles” and clicked thru.

“Crucian Chronicles: The World According to Karl!!!” is a blog maintained by “Karl”, a St. Croix native, husband, and father, who refers to the island as “America’s Forgotten Paradise”. What’s more interesting than a Crucian? A Crucian with a pen… or a type pad!

Karl is not afraid to express his opinion, even if it runs contrary to the “politically correct”, including notes on promoting a “gay-friendly” V.I. tourism campaign launched by a local concern, standing up for the animal cruelty bill, and questioning voting along racial and cultural lines on his Social Issues page.

Amusing, to say the least, is the method Karl uses to “censor” himself while exposing his train of thought, such as when he refers to starlet Eva Longoria’s relationship with NBA/Spurs hoopster Tony Parker in an article filed October 8, 2005 on his Sports Page. You cannot afford to pass up this blog, which features a quick bio, and scintillating entries such as an article on Mothers Against Men Standing Up (MAMSU), which has, to date, garnered only two comments, but they’re so hilariously opposed to each other that reading the pair is quite satisfying.

While Karl’s TypePad journal is a work in progress (empty sections entitled “Constitutional Issues”, “Movies and Television”, and “Science”, etc.), it’s certainly worth your time to get to know this blogster, if only to see why “There Ought To Be A Law”!

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Caribia Digest rating: Notable work in progress, worthy of 3 out of 5 stars