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Note: The link to PanIsSweet is no longer there, but you may view videos of steel pan performances on the official When Steel Talks web site.

Steel Pan Culture and Today’s Technology

Basement Recordings scores another first, as it adds a new High End Window (www.pan.issweet.net) to its When Steel Talks web site. With the recent developments in internet and computer technology, the High End Window achieves and surpasses its multipurpose mandate by taking advantage of widely available high speed internet delivery systems into the home and work area, and also of powerful computer systems currently available at affordable prices, which have the ability to deliver high quality multimedia content over the internet – such as never before seen footage of steel orchestral performances on the When Steel Talks site.

When Steel Talks also delivers educational and entertaining programming which accurately represents the genius of the movers and shakers behind Steel Orchestras, simultaneously providing information, and never before seen orchestral performances to the global community. In less than a year the When Steel Talks web site has become one of the most important and cultural related sites to date. It is dedicated to the popularization of the steel drum music and culture with concentration on New York issues and movement. The site has established itself as a major resource center for historical and present day information.

There is finally an opportunity, and medium for Pan Players to tell their own story, and to validate themselves and their mastery of the instrument. The Steelband is a model of yet another aspect of African culture, which burst forth even as people of African ancestry were being continually oppressed. The blend of culture and technology on the When Steel Talks website provides the world with black people’s own view of their own unique culture.

Enter their world through www.pan.IsSweet.net.

Absolute minimum requirements for this experience are – a Pentium 2 class computer or its equivalent, 128 MB of RAM, and DSL or Cable internet access. Site should be viewed in Netscape or Explorer – version 5 and above. Please note that earlier versions of these browsers do not support technology used on the When Steel Talks website.