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You know the drill. Train hard, run hard, and perhaps place among the top winners. Most runners enjoy the solitude of pounding the beaches, pavement and treadmills before any given race day. However, race planning has become more scientific by turning towards the flesh and spirit. Participants in Run Barbados will not only have a variety of races to choose from, but pre-event prep is the name of the game.

The reward for registering and arriving early for Run Barbados is a series of workshops and clinics. Internationally-recognized runners and consultants will head sessions on the stretch, marathoning, and much more. Visit the web site for the current roster of lecturers.

The events vary by sponsorship and degree of difficulty, with plenty of social activity to keep conversation limber and networking constant. Visit the Run Barbados website for more event details, course maps, awards, nutritional and training suggestions and a photo album of past personal bests. There is also active encouragement to experience Barbados itself while you are there, accommodations and registration information. Run Barbados is organized by Runner’s Choice Promotions in conjunction with the Barbados Amateur Athletic Association, under the aegis of the Barbados Tourism Authority.