CARIBIA SITE REVIEW: Reggie Paul, Guyana South America

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Reggie Paul is a native of Guyana who currently resides in Florida, USA. He has spent time onstage in the Caribbean, Canada, and now South Florida. While the climate of the eastern coastal peninsula attracted him, some of his favorite places to perform are in the isles of the Florida Keys. You can take the artist out of the islands, but you can’t take the islands out of the artist, as Paul’s music gives rich testament.

Reggie’s website is compact, bright and quite functional. It includes a brief biography and a collection of icons that lead to a number of downloadable music samples. Island Party is filled with traditional and popular tunes, all with a Caribbean flair. Caribbean Christmas contains classic holiday tunes performed using tropical orchestrations. Love in Paradise is a lovers’ trip down memory lane.

Follow the link to the printable order form to order music on CD or cassettes; listen to the charming melodies of the artist as you prepare your order. For convenience, the website includes a link to those who do not yet have the RealAudio Player, which is necessary if you’d like to sample the music. The site could offer a little more current details to invite repeat visits by his fans, and there is an indication that an interactive version of the order form is in the works to allow for the ‘instant gratification’ we all crave.
Reggie Paul’s website is maintained by Keys Technologies.

Remar Productions Presents: Reggie Paul… Master of Caribbean Rhythms cannot be located online at this time, but Reggie Paul’s music is available on his web site.