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December 9, 2004: There’s a HOT HOT new riddim running Jamaica these days. You might have heard about it – it’s called the MILITARY riddim from producer Birtch.

Packed with dozens of tunes, sometimes a Dancehall singer can get a little lost in the shuffle. Mr. Easy’s song “Break His Heart” on this drumer boy influenced riddim is tough!. If you haven’t heard it already, you can check it out and get a pre-release copy (available only on MP3 at this time) at: just right click on the track and you can download it to your computer. [NOTE: Tracks on the Military riddim are being distributed by All Access Ent. in Jamaica. You can visit their website at:]

Can’t leave out other releases doing well these days. Greensleeves recently dropped the TIGHTY TIGHTY riddim. Easy’s song “Michelle” is another great piece of work. You can catch the audio clip here: You will need to turn off the music automatically playing in the background with the “MUSIC OFF” button located towards the top left of the page.

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