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Sir Raglan’s Newsletter

December 3, 2004:
Special Appeal from the Mayor of Portsmouth

Dear Members:
The following appeal from the Mayor of Portsmouth, Adenauer (Washway) Douglas, is sent to you for your assistance. Please share with your Associations and friends. ‘Tis the season of giving.

“We do not need food, blankets, and clothing. On the material side, we have immediate need for Acrow-Props to prop beams in badly affected buildings. Then we need funds to re-construct and repair buildings. We also need some tents (say 20 feet by 20 feet) to house schools till more permanent structures are erected.

On the human side, we need structural engineers to evaluate the buildings and advise the occupants of their safety. We also need therapists to counsel the youth to ease their fears. These two we will source locally or regionally.

We were planning a toys for tots for the children before the earthquake(s), now it is even more important we get a good toys and party for the kids, to distract them from the constant aftershocks. So instead of food and blankets, send toys and Christmas gifts for the kids.

Regards, Ad”

Members and friends can send donations via PayPal at to the DAAS Earthquake Relief Fund.

Gabriel Christian,
DAAS V.P. and Chair, Emergency Relief Committee

Courtesy of Sir Raglan