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August 11, 2004: When setting off on an ocean journey, it is wise to have several things in place, including directions to your destination, working navigational gear, safety devices and sustaining nourishments. Many wise seafaring individuals add information to the arsenal. Knowing how to outfit your vessel for getting around tropical waters, how to avoid medical pitfalls and the all-important weather recognition, enhance your chances of arriving safely and sailing smoothly.

Billed as “the only guide devoted exclusively to low-latitude cruising”, the Tropical Cruising Handbook by Mark Smaalders and Kim des Rochers, will ensure that the information at hand covers a number of issues, including:
Regional weather
Navigating coral reefs
Passage planning
Equipping your boat
Gear maintenance under tropical conditions
Region-specific health matters
Getting around the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans

Tropical Cruising Handbook is published by International Marine (established in 1970). This McGraw-Hill division promotes a variety of volumes for lovers of the sea, with over 200 titles to its credit. The authors of Tropical Cruising Handbook are no strangers to nautical adventures. Geographer Mark Smaalders has been enjoying the world’s oceans for over a quarter of a century; his partner Kim des Rochers, is also a geographer and editor with particular emphasis on environmental concerns. Together, they reside in New Caledonia, frequently taking to the seas in their 35-foot wooden sloop “Nomad”.

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