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June 22, 2004 – Kingston, Jamaica: Reggae music has a new ambassador in Timar Chistise a/k/a “Enesi”, an artist who has a lot to say for his 19 years on the planet. Enesi flows easily among Conscious Reggae, Lover’s Rock and Dancehall, wrapping his breezy tenor around a variety of tunes on his latest releases on the Das Vibes label, “Crisis”, “X5”, “Remove”, “Say No”, “The Cry”, “Keekee”, and the “Keekee Dub”.

Enesi’s musical career began when he found his voice at the “ripe” age of 3 with school devotions and in church. By the time he hit the 4th grade, he was inspired by a schoolyard beauty to begin putting his emotions into song. Enesi’s ultimate message: peace through music and respect.

Enesi will begin his world tour from his native Jamaica on to Holland, Belgium, Germany and France alongside Das Vibes artists Gentleman, Ganjaman and Jr. Randy. Hear previews of his music online at the Das Vibes Preview page.

Enesi’s sound has been covered extensively in the cyber press; feel free to enjoy Enesi’s Bio page at Das Vibes, the Xhanubis article “Introducing Enesi” (click the green “Chapters” tab at left to find the article),, Enesi’s page at, the Reggae Vibes radio show’s Review Page (scroll down!), German radio online, and many others.

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