Dominica Strives for Greater Fiscal Responsibility

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May 17, 2004: Oxford Policy Management Ltd. (OPML) has been retained by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica (GoCD) under a Department for International Development (DFID) funded programme to provide assistance in the areas of public sector reform, public expenditure management and private sector development. As part of its assistance, OPML is now looking for a suitable candidate to provide appropriate long-term technical assistance within the Accountant General’s department.. The main duties of this assignment will be to:

1. Undertake a comprehensive review of current accounting and reporting policies and practices. Having regard to ongoing initiatives. recommend changes which are both practicable in the Dominican environment and support the development of a modern and effective accounting system. Where appropriate such recommendations will be based on internationally accepted standards and will support:-

*the re-establishment of reconciliation processes and other internal control processes throughout government including those in respect of below the line accounts;
*the development of an effective Internal Audit function throughout government;
*the implementation of effective financial control throughout government by the MOFD, particularly in respect of compliance with budget ceilings, cash limits and commitment control procedures;
*the production of comprehensive, accurate and timely management and financial accounts which reflect accurately the government’s financial position.

2. Support the development of timely, consistent and reliable data reporting facilities for the MOFP, which will enable it to manage its cash and debt positions effectively and support the implementation of its macroeconomic and fiscal framework.

3. Advise MOFP on appropriate institutional, organisational and managerial prerequisites that support effective and efficient treasury management in a sustainable manner.

4. Provide training and other support to build the skills, knowledge and understanding of local staff to ensure that they are able to perform their roles effectively, including the development of accounting guidelines and appropriate training manuals.

The position is for a period of one calendar year, starting in July 2004 (beginning of the Dominican fiscal year 2004/5). The final terms of reference for the position and the work to be undertaken will be completed in May, following the finalisation of a needs assessment in respect of financial management, control and reporting.

Interested candidates should have at least ten years’ experience in public sector accounting and control processes and be able to demonstrate a comprehensive grasp of both their underlying principles and their relevance to the effective operation of the budget cycle. In addition the candidate should show an appreciation of modern accounting practices particularly in the management and upkeep of computerised accounting systems in the public sector. A further important requirement will be the possession of both sound technical skills and experience in the development, training and capacity building of accounting staff.

A competitive package, living expenses and travel expenses will be provided.

Interested candidates should contact and forward their CV to either, or

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