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Long before there was an internet and emails shot to and fro, there was a St. Barts Music Festival. In fact, there were not many phones on the isle of St. Barthelemy when co-founder and festival president Frances de Broff took Charles Magras up on his invite to consider bringing in a ‘few musician friends’ to participate in a series of concerts.

Over 17 years ago, a handful of musicians arrived inauspiciously by boat and, sans welcoming committee, poked their way through the dark to the place where the idea was born, the Select Bar in Gustavia, St. Barts. A patron finally figured out how the confused crew had come to land on the quaint isle and arranged transport to the home of the hostess: a post-midnight jaunt in the back of a work truck brought the musicians to the doorstep of de Broff. And so, with a borrowed piano and word of mouth, a yearly gathering known as the St. Barts Music Festival was born.

Through benefit of what is arguably the best form of advertising, organizers have enjoyed participation and attendance from around the world. The quality of the experience has encouraged many to become sponsors of individual artists or selected events such as the Children’s Concert. To view the schedule and photo gallery, visit the home page of the St. Barts Music Festival. The site contains links to St. Barts activities, photo gallery, guest book and history of the Festival.