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(March 15, 2004, Trinidad): Arts-in-Action at 10!

“Since 1994, the Centre for Creative & Festival Arts has embarked upon a programme of public education entitled Arts-in-Action. Essentially, this programme seeks to extend the work and mission of the Centre into communities and institutions throughout, in the first instance, Trinidad and Tobago, and subsequently throughout the Caribbean Region. The philosophical basis of this work has been that art has an indispensable role to play in the process of social and attitudinal change and development.”

In January 2004, the Arts-in-Action Unit celebrated 10 years of operations. The celebrations however, did not stop there. As part of the ongoing calendar of events to mark this significant milestone, “Arts-in-Action at 10: Gauging Educative Theatre in Trinidad and Tobago” is being staged.

Essentially, “Arts-in-Action at 10” is a student project being undertaken by final year Theatre Arts student, Marvin George. The project, which takes the shape of a mini-festival, seeks to bring together some of the major players in the field of educative theatre in Trinidad and Tobago, for a weekend of performances and workshops. The festival is scheduled for April 9th to 11th, 2004, and targets parents, children, teachers, anyone interested in theatre and education, as well as, the general public.

For further information, contact Marvin George at Arts-in-Action at (868) 663-0327, or at (868) 684-3235, or via email at