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Get ready for Rio’s next Carnival and get a taste of what you missed at’s Carnival page. Billed as ‘Rio’s main event’, the annual event is bumpin’ with rhythm, smiles and cultural expression. The 4-day fete occurs in the midst of the Brazilian summer, beginning on a Saturday and ending with Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras). Its actual dates vary from year to year. Visit the website to determine when the next Carnival will occur.

People from around the world descend on Rio for the excitement; veterans recommend arriving a few days early to rest up and adjust to any time changes… and stay a couple of days after to recover! Sleep may take a back seat to the sights and sounds of Carnaval (as they say in Portugese). Like the Carnival celebrations that take place around the world, it is believed that the Rio Carnival is descended from a mixture of pagan festivals and the gentrified balls of Europeans. The website includes a wealth of historical information on the Rio Carnival, as well as their “Pictours of Carnival”.

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