(Originally published at OnePaper.com)

Trinidad and Tobago – The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) meets regularly to discuss issues of interest to the cyberati of T n T. With the slogan “networking local computer users!” (sic), the organization keeps technophiles and newbies aware of the latest innovations in internet, telecommunications and hardware.

The first meetings of the group were held in 1995, and reflected the anticipation of our now deeply interconnected world. Attendees were urged to invest in modems, learn about the internet, and witnessed their first email transactions. Nowadays, as we plow through java applets and digital encryption packs, the exponential evolution of the computer world is evident. At the time of TTCS’s inaugural meeting, there were no Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to serve the interests being nurtured; according to the C.I.A. World Factbook, there are at least 5 ISPs serving the territory (1999 data).

Many meetings of the TTCS are held at the Cyberstate Cafe. More recent meetings have dealt with topics like telecommunications legislation and internet security. There are other activities, including more socially-oriented get-togethers called “Pizza Limes”.

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