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New York, NY: Launching a music career is not an easy thing; most of what we want to see and hear has been done already. Or has it??? When an unassuming high school student from Jamaica’s St. Catherine boarded a bus for Ocho Rios, he may as well have been going to another planet. In his 17 years, he had never been so far from home. Little did he know that this was set to be the most miniscule of his “rivers to cross”; from that studio date came a stint with Courtney Cole’s Roof International Records.

That young man, Curtis Antonio O’Brien, is known to the world as Tony Curtis. A turning point in his career was, arguably, his participation in the seminal dancehall hit alongside compadre Jigsy King, “Butterfly”. Since then, Curtis has lent his pipes to the likes of Bobby Digital and John John.

Tony Curtis’ latest album, “Stronger”, dropped in October 2002, and has been holding strain on various charts around the world. (See the The Release Party pics online!) While cuts like “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Jah I Thank You” remain crowd pleasers, his ode to the International Herb, “High Grade” has been certified a breakout smash.

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