CARIBIA SITE REVIEW: Infernos Carnival Troupe, St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

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Since making the U.S. Virgin Islands Carnival scene in 1999, the Infernos Carnival Troupe has garnered the attention of revellers and the competition alike. ‘Nuff respect must be paid to this dedicated crew and their award-winning style. Infernos’ last theme, “Fire ‘n’ Ice: The End of an Epoch”, placed just behind the long-established Hugga Bunch Carnival Troupe in the Carnival 2000 Adults’ Parade. And, no wonder: President and Marketing Director for Infernos is Darryl Donovan, Sr., former Hugga Bunch-er and King of the Bands for 1999 and 2000.
Donovan is joined by Infernos Secretary Linnette Hyndman, another former member of Hugga Bunch. Karen Hodge (Treasurer/Operations Manager) has played mas with Hugga Bunch for over 12 years. Frank Pfister rounds out the Executive level of Infernos, serving as Department of Property.
The Infernos Carnival Troupe’s website supports its growing list of sponsors, with courtesy links for visitors to follow. Part of the Infernos’ mission statement includes just this kind of reciprocal support, and can only encourage more Virgin Islands concerns to appreciate the feasibility of uplifting cultural endeavors. Another way that the Infernos show their commitment is with its bevy of showgirls (members who volunteer at fundraising cultural showcases to aid fellow non-profits in addition to de rigeuer activities and Infernos-sponsored events).
Sketches of the latest costume designs are also available for perusal; rave reviews are already pouring into the Infernos’ guestbook. One may preview the male or female costumes, and sign up to be a part of Infernos online by clicking ‘Join Infernos’ on the navigation bar at the top of each page.
The site requires Macromedia’s Flash Player and the latest version of Internet Explorer or Netscape, but it is not overly packed with sluggish content. The simple layout makes the site easy to get around, with links to the latest Infernos news and information. Considering the relative youth of the Infernos Carnival Troupe, the site is informative, yet built to grow. The better to make way for a red-hot future and the awards that are sure to come with it!
Webmaster is Juan Medina.

Note: The official web site has a “closed” sign; there is a Facebook page for Infernos Carnival Troupe.