(Originally published at OnePaper.com)

by Jessyca Stansbury-McCargo

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“(De road is mine, de road is mine)
We hook up one de highway wit food
And plenty drink. We plan on working
Whole day, music no time to think
And when we start to rumble, it’s
Rumble all de way. We ain’t
Fighting nobody, we welcome you
Haiti Style.
(Sak Passe) Drink ya drink!
(Sak Passe) Hold ya gal”

Meet Washington, D.C.’s Young Carnival Entrepreneur of the Century
Mr. Rico Marlow is many things: a native of Trinidad, now residing in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. He is a hard working young man, creative, dedicated to his heritage, and committed to keeping the culture [West Indian] alive. “Mr. Rico” [as he is fondly called] is an entrepreneur par excellence. Ladies can you ask for any more than that? He is what every mother wishes for their daughters. And I am proud to call him my “buddy”. For those who cannot be with us and those who would like to keep enjoying Carnival throughout the year, Mr. Rico has now made that possible. Now you can even bring the “vibe” home with you for yourself and bring it home to your friends and family members also.

At D.C. Carnival time you can see Mr Rico in the midst of all the action with video gear in tow, cool as he wants to be, documenting all the action so his viewers and customers can feel as though they are right with the “Big Trucks and Bands… as we sashay, chip, swing hips, sway, gyrate, skip, run etc.” from Georgia and Missouri Avenue all the way down to the Howard University Banneker Park. Unity in action and Mr. Rico captures it all. Happy Carnival Washington, D.C. and Caribbean Family — and Sak Passe !!!

This year Mr. Rico says: “It will all be different”. There is an added attraction: “The Countdown to D.C. Caribbean Carnival is here. You’ve waited a whole year and now its back. This will no doubt be a Fantastic year for MAS in D.C.”

“This year Carnival will also be filmed [and for sale]. So if you want the memories to last forever you can now get your own copy and a “Free CD Soundtrack” of the top sounds of Carnival 2002!”

For more information on how to get your copy and up-to-date news on the events and happenings, Rico Marlow at: rico2000_33@hotmail.com or visit his official web site: www.rico.islandmix.com or telephone: 1-(202) 561-0842

Editor’s Note: The cost of the video & CD package is $23.00 and $18.00 without the CD. Supplies will be limited.