(Originally published at OnePaper.com)

Note: The sites no longer exist; this article remains as a historical document.

Virgin Islands web designers looking to make their marks alongside like-minded DevPros are invited to get in touch with Juan “Macaso” Medina and Bernard J. Ottley at VIMassive.com. Juan started with his V.I. Webpages site. His efforts were well-received by many who sought to be included in the catalogue. The Dominican Republic native made his home in the United States Virgin Islands for a time, eventually settling in Florida and continuing his education.

Juan is quite progressive in his approach to web design. Visitors to his works are treated to sleek, crisp splash pages. At VIMassive.com, a Macromedia Flash 6 plugin download will initiate if your browser does not already contain this popular “helper” application. As the load continues, a dub-style musical track loops to the instruction: loaded click to enter. A click loads another page which contains the silhouette of an iguana presiding over a vivid Charlotte Amalie Waterfront tableau and an uptempo steel pan-style track.
Collaborator Bernard J. Ottley is a lover of Carnival and culture. A link to the Caribia review of his former pages is above. The Carnival Jukebox, also reviewed at Caribia, is on the list of sites to see. His St. Thomas Carnival collection, contains lots of photos and informative text. He gives credit to Picture Perfect Studio for all images contained within. While the index page for Ottley’s site alludes to music and video, bandwidth considerations limit the materials currently available.

The V.I. Massive site exists to showcase the Virgin Islands web…