CARIBIA SITE REVIEW: Webmaster Juan Medina, Dominican Republic

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Virgin Islands resident Juan Medina indulges his current passion by paying tribute to its incarnation. In the process, he has created a bright spot in cyberspace to showcase impressive websites created in the United States Virgin Islands. Visitors to his Virgin Islands Webpages will be greeted with frames-based navigation to a number of U.S.V.I. sites covering everything from Government to Entertainment to Business.

According to Medina, the purpose of the site is to showcase commendable local sites. While he enjoys working with Macromedia and Adobe development products, his strong suit is HTML, the basic hyper-text markup language (code) of the World Wide Web. He plans some visual improvements to the site in 2001. In the meantime, his ‘Top 10′ list pushes the most remarkable of the lot to the fore.

One spot that deserves a look-see: Jadersworld, created by web wunderkind Jader (Jerlyn Thomas), originally from Dominica (now living on St. Croix). She’s creativity bubbling under, using everything she learns on her own dot-com as well as administering She took advantage of a recent teachers’ strike to learn various programming languages and landed the BizPrimer gig.

Hopefully, Virgin Islands Webpages will discover and encourage more impressive minds online.
Virgin Islands Webpages (This web site is no longer online)