Denmark and U.S.V.I. Continue Archive Partnership

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Copenhagen, Denmark: The United States Virgin Islands and Denmark continue their joint educational and historical endeavors with the opening to the public of the Danish National Archives. Begun before the year 1917, the archive’s Caribbean materials attracted much concern as to preservation and access. Senior Researcher Erik Gøbel and a team of five have been sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Culture in the publication of a new book now available through the Southern Denmark Press. A Guide to Sources for the History of the Danish West Indies (U.S. Virgin Islands) 1671-1917 ( contains a portion of these archives as well as extensive bibliographical materials to aid further research.

Pictured: Myron Jackson, Claudette Lewis receive microfilm from Minister Mikkelson (courtesy

A 1999 agreement between the Danish Ministry of Culture and the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands was signed to set the two territories’ combined efforts in motion. At a ceremony that took place in Denmark and featured representatives of the Virgin Islands Government, a collection of microfilms featuring critical census data was shared with a special V.I. delegation. The first group of microfilms was presented to Governer Charles W. Turnbull at an earlier gathering.  The Minister also unveiled the archival presence online.
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