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Note: This site is no longer online but the OECS Athlete program was able to sponsor dozens of young athletes’ scholarships; currently finesterre is available via his Twitter page and stays involved via StLuciaNewsOnline’s sports pages.

What happens when you combine a burgeoning career in the world of sport with the tireless vigilance of journalism? The OECS Athlete.com. St. Lucians Dominic Johnson and terry finisterre (sic) have created the website to showcase young OECS athletes who have parlayed their skills into scholarships while offering a route to gaining access to the American University system. 1999 Athlete of the Year and Olympian Dominic Johnson has received a Gold Medal in the Pole Vault division of the Central American and Caribbean Track and Field Championships. terry finisterre provides sporting news for Radio Caribbean International while also providing the latest at St. Lucia Online Sports Pages.

“We are very excited about our website and the impact it is having on young athletes. The opportunity for a free education can obviously have great life long benefits,” says site co-founder Dominic Johnson.

The website features listings in various fields of athletic endeavor, including Track and Field, Soccer, Swimming, Basketball for young men and women, with more coverage being planned as the roster continues to grow. On these pages, you will read about the students in terms of their athletic and academic accomplishments, extracurricular involvements and personal bests.

More features at OECS Athlete.com include the Athlete of the Week, links to NCAA standards for international students, a photo gallery, and a listing of the many students who have been approached and/or received scholarship offers through their affiliation with the OECSAthlete.com web site. An archive of “Old News” keeps past features available with the click of your mouse.

Sports Journalist/co-founder terry finisterre hopes to serve even more athletes: “If you hear of a Caribbean athlete who needs a break, or just some exposure, let us know!” So, make it your job to bookmark OECS Athlete.com and send the link to a promising young athlete: Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Athlete.com.