CARIBIA SITE REVIEW: Juan Medina, Webmaster, Dominican Republic

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Editor’s Note: Medina will now reside in Florida, and the VI WebPages have been discontinued. He is still active in web design, and is hard at work on his personal homepages:MACASOMEDINA and MACASO DIARY. Both require IE 5.5 or better. The review remains as part of a time capsule of his web life.

A while back, Caribia Digest reviewed the V.I. Webpages index created by Dominican Republic native Juan Medina. Within the last several months, Medina has retooled the site. During this time, he has fielded praise from visitors, while seeking out new sites to add. V.I. Webpages now features an introduction which is meant to act as both an inducement to visit the sites listed and an educational opportunity, encouraging businesses to get online. He cites launching a site as a way to shatter the geographical divide that exists between the Virgin Islands and the rest of the world.

If you need a place to purchase Caribbean gifts, or fill a prescription in the Virgin Islands, click on ‘Stores On-line’; wondering how you will get online once you move to, say, St. John? Hit the ‘Isp’s & Webdesign’ link. Whether you want to find out about transportation options, live radio broadcasts, or the local sports scene, Virgin Islands Webpages links to enough sites to provide an grand view of life in the U.S. Virgin Islands. You’ll want to do a lot of clicking around; colorful thumbnail images act as visual anchors in case you aren’t quite so diligent in the bookmarking department.

For a quick look at the most luminous cyberstars of the moment, hit the ‘top ten list’ link at the top right of the index page. Here, you will find Juan’s picks for the most notable adds to the site. A ‘submit’ link ensures that visitors have the opportunity to suggest material for Medina’s consideration.

This incarnation of V.I. Webpages is even easier to navigate than the original (see the Caribia Digest Site Review of Juan’s first site), which was heavy on framesets. It has evolved past a ‘version 2’ that used cascading stylesheets (with muted grays), finally settling in with a basic white background, which “opens up” the pages while enhancing the colors in the graphics. Clearly, the more Juan learns about web authoring, the more he puts his new skills to work on the V.I. Webpages site. In a field that is populated with sponsored and commercial sites, Juan Medina’s index offers an outstanding overview of the U.S. Virgin Isles online.

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