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Caribia Digest was originally published as a print magazine several years ago out of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. The main purpose of Caribia Digest was to provide a comprehensive look at arts, entertainment and lifestyles throughout the Caribbean. Among the many topics covered: Dominica songstress Ophelia, Haitian oral traditions, the Virgin Islands Carnival celebration, broadcasting great/empresario Andrew ‘Funkyman’ Shachove, playwright and Reichhold Center Director David Edgecombe, Virgin Islands and international Calypso King Samuel ‘Mighty Pat’ Ferdinand, Trinidad and Tobago’s Jazz and Gospel pan explosions, and British Virgin Islands’ own ‘Mighty Zed’, ZBVI.

Various sections have been created within Caribia Digest: Carnival, More Fete (it’s always a good time for a bacchanal!), Out da Box (new releases and links), and Recreation and Sports. The purpose of the site is to create a light spot in cyberspace for those who love to jam hard, rest well, and share level vibes.

Currently, all material submitted will be considered by the editors and may be modified for content, presentation, and length. Information will be updated frequently, and you are invited to bookmark this publication for future reference. Give the Webmistrix a ‘heads-up’ on an activity near you, express your opinion in the Shouts section, and keep up with what’s happening ‘back home’.

We are excited with this opportunity to serve… and wish only that you ENJOY!
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