(originally published at OnePaper.com)

In the past few years, the internet has grown into a ‘sixth estate’: an electronic vox populi that shouts to the world. It has also become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a website that is serving up juicy morsels or carrots on a stick. Of course, nothing comes for free; this website exists because a a collection of businesses helps to make it so. Nowadays, it is even possible to launch a well-trafficked site without obtaining a ‘dot-com’ (we are registered as ‘caribiadigest.com’) and having your site hosted professionally, as we have at OnePaper.

For the love of any particular topic, one may ‘serve’ the public any material. We just want you to know that at Caribia Digest (dot-com), adverts will be adverts and content will be content. We reserve the right to publish or not publish, but there will never be any consideration expected in exchange for a site review, music review, or press release material to run. You will never get a ‘surprise’ when you click on a link here for ‘more information’, only to find yourself dumped into a merchandising site without being told the nature of the site in the article from which you are hyperlinking. You see, there is nothing wrong with commercialism – it’s just that sometimes on the web, commercialism masquerades as ‘service’. The internet is a viable medium, but it is also a place where the distinction between content and merchandising is blurred. The losers are members of the public who want knowledge but end up frustrated by facades.

Caribia Digest will continue to troll cyberspace in search of interesting Caribbean content, attempting to separate good nyam from hype. We are not an index, we are an online magazine (a ‘zine’, if you will). If you like what you read at Caribia Digest Online, please let someone know. You can count on this site to become and remain an outlet for the best of the Caribbean web.